Taupe Room

In this room you will find our permanent display honoring the United States Gypsum Company and the men and women who worked at the USG.

Did you know that when the men opened up a new shaft they would celebrate with a meal right there in the shaft!

You will see a depiction of a mine shaft, true to height according to records.  There is an in/out board which tells the supervisors if everyone is out of the mine or not.  Each employee had a brass tag with a number on it, in the morning when you went in the mine you put it on the IN side, when you were done at the end of the day you put it out the OUT side.  This simple method is still used in the coal mines in the south.

Frank Bordanaro one of the USG employees used to pull apart the bales of paper that would be made into pulp to make paper for the wallboard, many items were found in the paper, money, jewelry even a train set.

You can learn about the lost pigs and see all kinds of memorabilia.  Do you know what a Company House is?  Come on in and learn more.


Hours of Operation

1:00 PM -3:00 PM
(Closed on holidays)Each year, we open the first Saturday in April and close the first Saturday in December.
For a personal tour, please contact:

  • Laurie Nanni 585-948-5901 or 585-259-4145
  • Dar Warner 585-948-5500 or 585-948-5926

Please keep in mind we will need a few weeks notice.