Notes from the President

This year we are so excited to bring back the United States Gypsum Company display.  We had highlighted the USG a few years ago, since then we have had so many calls and letters from people all over the country asking us to see it as they were traveling through.  After much discussion we decided to make this a permanent display.  The USG helped form Oakfield, so many people came here to find work.

You will also find our new display “Community Organizations”,  here will learn about the IOOF, IOOB, Mother’s Club, Lion’s Club, the Grange, Betterment Committee and the Drum & Bugle Corp.

Something else we are pretty excited about is a short video we found of Dr Marian White’s “dig” at the Indian Woods from the 1950’s.  In our Native American room you will find some really neat items Bill Chase has made.  He is always researching and has gone to many demonstrations by Native Americans to learn how things were done, such as knapping arrowheads, making spears, a ladle which is an item used to throw a spear.  We have some great artifacts and lots of “nature” items to see, such as a HUGE hornets nest.

Make sure you check out our Facebook page for the Oakfield Historical Society we are always updating with pictures, polls and upcoming events.

See you at the Research Center!

Laurie Nanni

Hours of Operation

1:00 PM -3:00 PM
(Closed on holidays)Each year, we open the first Saturday in April and close the first Saturday in December.
For a personal tour, please contact:

  • Laurie Nanni 585-259-4145
  • Dar Warner 585-948-5500 or 585-948-5926

Please keep in mind we will need a few weeks notice.