Taupe Room

In this room you will see lots of memorabilia and pictures.  Do you have SCHOOL SPIRIT?  Well back in the 50’s & 60’s local businessmen did!!!  They would close their businesses early so they could make sure they got a good seat for that night’s game!




“Kiz” the local barber would close his shop and put out his sign “going to game you should too”.  Bert Warner closed the flower shop early also –  they rarely missed a game.

Cheerleaders were first introduced about 1939 you can see pictures of the cheerleading squad for each decade.  You will find a letterman jacket and a class jacket.  Did you know that at one time, each class picked their class color?  Finally  we adopted the good old Blue & Gold.

There are tons of pictures of different sports teams.


You will find pictures and information on groups that we no longer have in school, you will see old report cards and graduation invitations.  You will find scrap books filled with pictures from class reunions.  You will see pictures from the different schools including one room schoolhouses


Hours of Operation

1:00 PM -3:00 PM
(Closed on holidays)Each year, we open the first Saturday in April and close the first Saturday in December.
For a personal tour, please contact:

  • Laurie Nanni 585-948-5901 or 585-259-4145
  • Dar Warner 585-948-5500 or 585-948-5926

Please keep in mind we will need a few weeks notice.