Items For Sale

The Oakfield Historical Society have the following items for sale as a fundraiser.  These items can be purchased by contacting Dar Warner at 585-948-5500 or

OUR LITTLE VILLAGE (The Rest of Our Glory Years)

by Darlene Warner

This is the history of the Cary Seminary, our schools, churches and businesses on the south side. The book is $20.00 and $6.65 to ship

Mysteries, Murder & Mayhem

by Laurie Nanni

Who knew that Oakfield had so many stories of murders, suicides, robberies and maybe even a mob hit or two.  You will find stories of bootlegging and tragedy.  Some murders are still unsolved or are they?  Was someone paid off? Stories from the 1800’s to the early 1940’s.  This book is $20 and the cost to ship is $6.65.   As the book is 210 pages, only one book will fit in an envelope

Main Street Ablaze

Fires starting in1848 to 1985, that helped to shape Main Street into what it is today.  Pictures, maps and an insight into life in the early years. $15.00 plus **$6.65 to ship

Oakfield As We Knew it

A book of memories about Oakfield written by the individuals that lived there. Take a trip down memory lane with them. $12.00 plus **$6.65 to ship

Our Glory Years 1885-1925 (The Booming of Oakfield)

by Darlene K. Warner

The West Shore Railroad comes to town and 10 new industries spring up because of it. During this time period we get electricity, telephones, and the “rotten plank sidewalks” are replaced with cement. The main business section was booming and 10 new streets were developed during this time. Of all the villages in Genesee County Oakfield was definitely the place to live. $15.00 plus **$6.65 to ship.


Historic and current buildings in Oakfield complete with a history on them. Available in navy & cream or black & cream.They measure 4 ft x 5 ft. These are $42.50 contact us for shipping prices

**Please note that the price of shipping has gone up to $6.65 however, we are still able to ship two books for the $6.65 as it just falls under the weight limit. EXCEPT the murder book – that is 200 pages so we can only ship one of those books and it cannot be shipped with another for the $6.65

Hours of Operation

1:00 PM -3:00 PM
(Closed on holidays)

Each year, we open the first Saturday in April and close the first Saturday in December.

For a personal tour, please contact:

  • Laurie Nanni 585-259-4145
  • Dar Warner 585-948-5500 or 585-948-5926

Please keep in mind we will need a few weeks notice.