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A Note from the President

  A note from the President

We now have a Facebook page thanks to Jamie Martin Lindsley!  Make sure you come and check us out.

We are also part of the AMAZON smile program.  If you make us your smile charity they will send us a percentage of elligible products that you buy.  Make sure you look for the Oakfield Historical Society from New York as there is also an Oakfield, Wisconsin!!!

This year we will open on April 8, 2017.  This year the Town of Oakfield will celebrate its 175th birthday!  Our displays this year will commemorate what made Oakfield what it is today.  You will find a pioneer family that will tell you about who started Oakfield.  You will see a display on the telegraph, telephone, the train, the opera house, and a display of the big fire of 1865 that burned the town down.

Our newest book "Gypsum Rock"  the History of the United States Gypsum Company Oakfield Plant and its People is now for sale we have sold almost 300 books already!


On December 3, 2016 we sponsored our 4th Annual Art show for our OACS Elementary and High School.  Visitors were given a ballot for each school there were 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes for both schools. 





 Our new book for the 2017 season is going to be a combination of many things.  We are still working on a title but we will update you as soon as we decide.  Its going to have the history of the Rec Pond, Warren's Sunshine Home, local families, KKK and other interesting items.  So stay tuned!  This may change as we have two members who are working on a new book regarding Oakfield during WWII.  


Our annual golf tournament is booked!  Save the date - it will be on Saturday, June 24, 2017, at the Batavia Country Club.  This is a four man scramble. $75.00 per person, includes 18 holes, cart lunch at the turn and dinner.  If you would like to have an application sent contact me at or


Last year we gave a historical tour of the "Indian Woods" and explained about the fort that was here over 700 years ago.  Having never done it before we limited the tour to 4 runs but this year in October we will do it again so everyone can come.  You do have to make a reservation for this tour due to our insurance requirements.


Throughout the museum you will see lots of pictures of Oakfield through the years!




Laurie Nanni


Preserving local history!
Oakfield Historical Society
7 Maple Avenue
PO Box 74
Oakfield, NY 14125